4 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Blog

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The rise of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ has hit the blogging world hard. Fewer companies are blogging now than before.

Only 33 percent of Fortune 500 firms still blog; yet, those who do attract 55 percent more visitors to their websites. Search engines index their websites four times as much. This shows up in the return-on-investment (ROI) on blogging.

The ROI of blogging is impressive. 9 out of every 10 companies that blog, see their sales increase within the first seven months. This demonstrates that blogging has not lost its relevance in the age of social media. It matters still. Therefore, more businesses ought to have a blog. This article suggests four top reasons on why you should create and maintain a blog for your business.

Deeper user engagement

You can engage with your customers on a more intimate level if you blog. This engagement happens from both directions. You share helpful tips, information on new products, and other useful information on your blog. Your customers react to that information in the form of comments. Blogs allow customers a convenient way to engage in a productive way and provide detailed feedback and reviews.

Google loves you

There are over a billion websites in the world. Google does not love them all. It likes to show those websites on top that update their content regularly. There is content on website that is not updated very often, and there is little you can do about it. You cannot update the owners’ biography, street address, or the history of the company every week, or month, or even year. But you can create a section for a blog and update it regularly. Frequent updates and quality content will make your website a Google’s darling. You will have more visitors, and consequently, more sales.

Lesser help calls

Did it ever occur to you that you can save money on help calls with a blog? Yes, it is possible. Let’s say you own a computer store. You can create a series of blog posts on common technical issues and their solutions. Many users will love to help themselves through those posts, than call you.

More exposure

A blog gives you more exposure on the internet. You do not have to stick to your business. Your writing can be creative, yet professional. Let’s say you own a jewelry store. You can write on some of the most credible jewelry stores in your area; or the most weird jewelry designs available in your city. This will give you more exposure as people looking for answers to those questions will find your website.

The popularity of social media websites has created an illusion that blogs belong to a bygone era. This is not true. Blogs matter still. In fact, they can be the strongest pillar of your social media strategy. They can make your website more Google friendly, bring in more consumers through exposure and save you money on help calls. Therefore, it is a smart idea to maintain a blog for your business website.

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