How To Increase Your Newsletter Open Rate

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In this digital age, customers are getting bombarded by marketing messages. Many of these messages arrive in the form of emails. Surveys have shown that an average email user in the U.S. receives more than 500 promotional emails a month. Most of them don’t even get opened, so how can a marketer persuade people to open their emails?

If your potential customers aren’t opening your emails, there is no point in sending them in the first place. If you’re taking time to send them emails, make sure they get read. Here are some strategies that you can use to ensure that your newsletters are opened and read.


Most people will readily subscribe to an email list if they are convinced that the newsletters would solve a problem they are already having. So if you can promise that your emails will help them solve their problems, they will read it. Remember that you have to actually deliver on your promises.


Consider the daily deal emails sent by Groupon. Their open rates are high because they offer their subscribers opportunities to save money. Everyone loves a great deal. Who will not jump at an offer if they can get 50% off a meal?

In the same way, b2c marketers often include attractive words in their subject line. This encourages subscribers to open these mails.

While creating emails to promote your products, you need to test different kinds of offers. Some customers may prefer free shipping to a discount. Try different subject lines and measure the results.


If your emails are too salesy, they will immediately put off your subscribers. You need to ensure a balance between selling and delivering free value. If you come across as a spammy marketer, your subscribers will move your emails to their spam folder.


You probably already know this: The most important part of your email marketing campaign is the subject line. It should be compelling. It should ensure that your email stands out from the other junk mails clogging the inbox.

Avoid words like ‘discount’ and ‘free’ in the subject line to ensure that your email does not land in the spam folder. Do not write your subject line in all capitals. It will make your message spammy and sound like you are shouting.

Make the message useful to your users. All of us are interested in useful things. If your subscriber feels that they will be able to gain something useful from your emails, they will automatically open it.


Your subject line shouldn’t exceed 40 or 50 characters. You can give the details in the email. Words like ‘exclusive’ or ‘limited time’ might help, but don’t use them too often.

Email marketing is an example of permission marketing. So build your list and direct leads to your website where they can find more information. Include all relevant information on your site so that your users can make an informed decision. Don’t trick them. Focus on giving value and building relationship with your customers. There is no harm in selling, but that must not be your only goal.

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