The Importance of Online Reviews

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Online reviews can affect your organic search rankings. They will improve your click through rates in search results. In addition, reviews affect the buying decisions of your customer. Online reviews are crucial to the success of your business. So how can you acquire them? Here are a few tips.

Reviews are important because most customers make a buying decision as soon as they read the review. That means your online reputation has a real impact on your bottom line.


Yes, they do. Surveys have shown that about 85 percent of customers read online reviews. About 67 percent of buyers read about 6 reviews before making a buying decision.

Buyers love online reviews, and because of this, local search engines also favor them. So, if your business has a lot of reviews, you are more likely to enjoy higher rankings in search results. This also means that your SEO strategy will be incomplete if it does not incorporate online reviews.

Before developing an online review acquisition strategy, you should decide which review platforms will help your business. Keep in mind that some review sites keep the reviews exclusively to their website. Other sites may syndicate their reviews. You should also remember that different review sites have different review policies. For example, Yelp does not allow businesses to solicit reviews. If it suspects that something is fishy, it will act immediately. However, most other platforms have no such policies.

Local businesses solicit reviews from their customers. Ecommerce businesses also need to focus on getting customer reviews. Many small businesses have already realized the importance of external reviews and encourage their buyers to visit sites like Yelp and review their product or service. This is actually a smart strategy because customers will most probably leave a review when they have a positive experience.

Amazon already offers a great review service for sellers. Most customers who buy from Amazon leave a review if they are satisfied with the product. This helps the seller because Google tends to favor these pages.


Many businesses buy reviews. This is a wrong practice and Google is working hard to stop this. If you buy fake reviews, you can lose all ratings. Plus, your company can get banned from review sites. If you are finding it hard to get reviews, you should consider offering someone a free product for an honest review. If you have a great product, this strategy will definitely help.

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